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    Our services for Innovative projects

    Our services for Innovative projects

    The Japanese R&D Tax Credit is a reliable incentive that has become more generous over the years. Companies can benefit from a volume-based R&D tax credit for their in-house innovative development, and from a strong joint R&D incentive promoting Open Innovation between Japan & other countries.

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    We have 38 offices across 13 countries and 3 continents. We believe in proximity to our clients and in providing you with support when you need it, in the UK and beyond.

    • Belgium

    • Brazil

    • Canada

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    • Colombia

    • France

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    Operational Hubs


    Present in Belgium since 2010.

    Our team is specialized in:

    • Bonus for research staff
    • R&D Tax Relief
    • Patent Box (Innobox)


    Present in Brazil since 2011.

    Our team advises companies in:

    • Management of Tax Incentives (Lei do Bem, Lei de Informática or Rota 2030)
    • Financing of R&D opportunities (Grants, Funds and Loans)



    Present in Canada since 2010.

    Our team is specialized in R&D and Innovation support programs.

    • Scientific research and tax credit for experimental development
    • Provincial tax credits
    • Tax credit for the development of electronic commerce (Quebec)
    • Design tax credit (fashion or industrial)
    • Tax credit for multimedia production (Quebec)
    • Support for innovation and subsidies


    Present in Chile since 2012.

    We provide our customers with tools aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and productivity of businesses through R&D. Our team is specialized in the management of:

    • Tax incentives for R&D
    • Global management of public subsidiaries
    • Innovation management


    Present in Colombia since 2018.

    FI Group Colombia focuses its work on management tax advantages in science, technology and innovation, coordinated by COLCIENCIAS, which offers  Colombian Income Tax payers companies to recover between 25% and 50% of the investment made in R&D.


    With its recognized expertise in tax engineering, FI Group :

    • provides R&D Tax Relief
    • determines Grants you can claim
    • identifies the projects eligible for the various R&D funding mechanisms helping you fill out your tax slip
    • It also assists you during Tax Administration checks.


    We advise and guide our customers in the application for the Research Grant Certificate and for the Research Grant up to the performance of the latter.
    Our International Experience in terms of research and development projects and funding makes us a strong partner for innovative and researching companies, also in Germany.


    Present in Italy since 2017.

    With the goal of boosting our customers’ innovation, our is team specialized in:

    • R&D funding
    • Bonus for research staff
    • Patent Box
    • National and European Grants


    Present in Japan since 2020.

    Our team is specialized in R&D and Innovation support programs.

    R&D Tax Credit schemes 研究開発税制 (volume-based, Open Innovation).


    Present in Portugal since 2006.

    Our team is specialized in:

    • SIFIDE (R&D funding)
    • National and European Grants and subsidies for R&D activities



    FI Group was born in Spain in 2000.

    Our team is a leader in the management of R&D Tax Relief and:

    • provides comprehensive advice on grants management National, European and International.
    • innovation management
    • has its own start up accelerator: FI Boost
    • optimizes customer costs
    • manages local taxes (i.e. IBI, IAE and business, among others)


    Present in the UK since 2015.

    FI Group’s UK office based in London, works with businesses at all stages of their growth to leverage additional funding for their innovation through the UK Government’s R&D Tax Incentive Schemes.

    Our team works on:

    • R&D Tax Relief for SMEs and Large Companies
    • National and International R&D Grants
    • Patent Box


    Present in USA since 2019.

    Our team works on Research & Experimentation Tax Credit at federal and national level.

    Partnership & support

    The startup and entrepreneur French community, with a strong presence in Tokyo. We actively participate in promoting the French know-how through in many ways as a member of this community

    French Tech

    June 2020

    Main governmental actors when it comes to Innovation & Industry, we care about maintaining a good communication to spread the latest information on R&D support in Japan.


    June 2020

    SCS Invictus is an international group of advisory & Certified Public Accountants sharing our vision to provide practical, value-added and quality services. Our partnership in Japan allow us to bring the best of our mutual know-how: scientific & fiscal expertise over scientific projects in Japan.


    June 2020

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